Access Control

Access control is a key part of ensuring that your property is not only safe but more secure.

Sydney Audio & Video understands that in this day and age the importance of ensuring your property is protected. With the implementation of access control you are able to restrict, follow and control the access of staff and visitors through your site from anywhere around the world. Unauthorised entry on the site is prevented, providing the security needed for your building, plant, confidential data, staff, clients and tenants.

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It is important to Sydney Audio & Video that we not only give you the right solutions to address your business and individual needs but to also provide you with the assurance and peace of mind that we will continue to provide you with professional ongoing support.

Below is a small selection of our access control products.

  • 998350-T4000 Security Communicator

  • HID-900NTN-R10-iClass-SE-Reader-HR

  • Elitea Terminal Front

  • Integriti Application

  • Inception Web Security Product

  • Bosch Access Control

  • Bosch Access Control Panel


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